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BROTHERS A&S MANUFACTORY was founded in England by two brothers. The brothers graduated from masters preparatory school for Vertu assembly.

After working there for more than 3 years, they stumbled upon the idea of opening their manufactory for production of duplicates of the Vertu telephones without the use of precious materials. They replaced them with cheaper ones, but not inferior in properties (carbon steel, PVD spattering, sapphire, ceramic, italian leather).

Having the access to the original Vertu assembly, they carried over all their experience and technology of assembly to their manufactory.

The telephones are assembled only by hand. Currently, at the manufactory, there are working professional jewellers who now are assembling the Vertu telephones.

The accurate approach, the high-quality materials, the original board and firmware allow to get 100% duplicate of the Vertu telephone, which is hard to distinguish from the original. Cost of the duplicate several times lower than the original one. It's another advantage of telephones which are assembled at the Brothers A&S manufactory.


Extraordinary Collections

At Vertu our aim is simple: to create the extraordinary. We do this not only by putting something truly exceptional in your hand but also by ensuring your Vertu is more than an object of desire. Through our lifestyle services, it’s your passport to an exclusive world. And to guarantee every Vertu meets our uncompromising standards and your high expectations, each blends a unique trilogy of craftsmanship, performance and services.

  • Certificate - Brothers A&S

    Certificate - Brothers A&S


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